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A New Creation Beauty Salon in Rex, Ga

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A New Creation Beauty is an established salon in the Henry/ Clayton county area. Providing over 21 years of professional, experienced hair care for multiple hair types and textures. Never a long wait, always healthy hair and scalp.

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Creating healthy hair in Henry/Clayton counties for 21 yrs

We specialize in healthy hair & scalp care for women.


Our goals are helping to grow your own hair longer, stronger and faster. We offer a little to no wait policy. Arrive on time for your appointment, and be seen on time.


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A New Creation Beauty Salon in Rex, Ga is Licensed by the Georgia Board of Cosmetology and holds a Clayton County business license. An established salon suite adjacent to the residence. Located on the Henry/Clayton border is a quiet community. 

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We offer a pleasant atmosphere, experienced professional service, healthy hair and scalp care all at an affordable price.